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Why Hire MMFA Financial Advisory Services in Dallas For Your Needs


Why Hire MMFA Financial Advisory Services in Dallas For Your Needs

Handling your finances, at times, can seem an overwhelming task. And why shouldn’t it be? You’ve spent years accumulating assets, but your skills and experience are most likely not in your area of expertise, personal money management. Personal financial planning is never a one-time event, but it is also something you can’t afford to miss. At Munn & Morris, we understand you are not an expert in personal finance. Fortunately, it is our area of expertise.

While you’ve been honing your skills and knowledge in your chosen area all your life, we have been perfecting ours. As stewards of your money, we are looking out for your best interests. No sales. Period.  As primarily a fee-only financial planner, we make recommendations based on your personal needs and not based on the commission we can make. From retirement planning to tax planning, investing to insurance, MMFA can help you plan for your life, today and in the future.

We have completed rigorous coursework in all aspects of financial advisory services and successfully achieved some of the most respected and difficult professional designations in the industry.

With over $250 million in assets under our management* and 20 years managing financial assets, the team at Munn & Morris Financial Advisors has expertise working with clients from all backgrounds including executives, government leaders, physicians, attorneys, trust beneficiaries, entrepreneurs and those that go to work every day in their career of choice. 

Munn & Morris Financial Advisors is lead by president, Irv Munn, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner in  Texas dedicated to serving your best interests.

For Financial Advisory Services contact us today to schedule a complimentary review and to discuss your financial planning needs.
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