Making a Plan

First, make sure your retirement team is in place, starting with your financial advisor. Depending on your situation, we may also act as your team’s “quarterback,” coordinating and working with family members, your CPA, an estate attorney, and insurance and trust professionals.

Next, establish your priorities. We can assist you in understanding factors that will impact your retirement plan, such as your retirement lifestyle, risk tolerance, retirement date, unknown risks and your desire to support your family members or a favorite charity. Our unique process of retirement planning uses a method called Monte Carlo analysis, that calculates a probability of success in achieving your goals. This helps you plan for and maintain your standard of living while meeting the goals you have in life. A meeting with an MMFA advisor will help you develop a plan that helps meet your needs.

We can help you distinguish between your needs and wants, then plan for both.

You must also have a thorough understanding of your situation. We can assist in putting your retirement into perspective by taking a financial inventory, which includes identifying your income sources and assets and distinguishing between your needs and wants.

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making a plan

Legacy Planning

You may want to fund a comfortable retirement, while still allocating funds to leave an inheritance for family or donate to a charity. But your first priority should be to ensure your expenses can be met before you leave a monetary legacy behind.

We can assist with estate and legacy planning, including helping to optimize your assets, potentially mitigate tax implications, and determine the course most appropriate to your situation. We can also help select effective vehicles to implement your plans.

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