Buying or Refinancing a Home

Buying or Refinancing a HomeFinancial advisors don’t just help balance your budget or plan for retirement; they also help clients purchase homes and investment properties. Since a house is often the largest financial investment you’ll ever make, it makes sense that we have compelling views on how to go about it.

Whether it is an investment property or buying your residence, you need to make smart decisions to meet your long-term wealth building goals. While you may be most concerned with just qualifying for a mortgage, a good financial adviser will prompt you to ask, “How much home can I afford given my short and long-term goals and objectives?”

Typical questions we can help answer include:

  • Will my total housing payments still allow me to save for retirement?
  • What is my backup if my job or family situation changes after buying?
  • Will I have a cash emergency fund equal to three to six months’ expenses even after settling into the new home?
  • How does a change of residency affect income and estate taxes?
  • How can I improve my credit score to lower my mortgage rate?
  • Should I buy or rent?
  • Should I consider a reverse mortgage?
  • What are the tax benefit of owning real estate?


  • Calculator: Amortization Schedule
  • Calculator: Debt Ratio
  • Calculator: How much house can I afford?
  • Calculator: Rent vs. Buy
  • Checklist: Buying a House

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. does not provide advice on tax, legal or mortgage issues. These matters should be discussed with the appropriate professional.

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