How is Financial Planning Company in Dallas different than Stockbrokers? | Financial Security and Financial Planning After A DivorceUnfortunately, studies show that by the first five years of marriage, 22 percent of couples experience some form of “marital disruption,” which refers to separation, divorce or death. After 20 years of marriage, 53 percent of marriages have been disrupted.

During a divorce, negative emotions can get in the way of rational thinking causing a person to jump into the process instead of moving slowly. Getting yourself organized before filing for divorce can counter negative consequences.

If you find yourself needing support during times of change in your relationship, we can relieve some of the stress, and help you get your things in order by helping you:

  • Gather proof of income
  • Make a post-divorce budget
  • Provide a clear picture of your finances to allow for a equitable distribution of your marital assets and debts
  • Establish credit in your own name
  • Make a post-divorce budget
  • Understand tax and retirement implications
  • Protect your legal rights


  • Getting divorced checklist
  • Handling a divorce emails

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While we are familiar with the tax provisions of the issues presented herein, as Financial Advisors of RJFS, we are not qualified to render advice on tax or legal matters. You should discuss tax or legal matters with the appropriate professional.

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