Our Relationship With Our Clients

Relationship Management: A Consistent Focus on You

Because our professional relationship revolves around you, our commitment is to always keep you apprised, informed and up to date on your investments and all financial matters important to you. We not only put you first, we keep your financial well-being front and center.

1-Regular Meetings

We have regularly scheduled meetings with clients to discuss more than just portfolio performance. Each meeting will have different agenda items so that we can focus on relevant aspects of your financial life as appropriate. For example, one meeting might address retirement planning and beneficiary designations, while another might discuss tax planning strategies and maximizing Social Security benefits.

2-Progress Tracking

Tracking your progress is an important part of reaching your goals. If you know whether or not you’re on target, you can more easily make necessary modifications to your financial plan to bring you back in line.

3-Effective Communications

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing and consistent communication tools to help you monitor the progress of your investment accounts and increase your knowledge as an investor. Enjoy easy-to-read statements with 24-hour online access, informative monthly newsletters and educational seminars and more.

  • Online investor access
  • Award-winning client statements
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Informative seminars

4-Coordination of Your Financial Team

One key service we provide is coordination among the other professionals who are involved in managing your financial matters, including CPAs, estate planning attorneys, insurance professionals and others. It allows for a more cohesive and complete financial picture and can save you time, maximize your options and help reduce stress.

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