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College costs increased 200% in the last 20 years. How has that affected your college planning?

College costs have increased ~200%* in the past 20 years, dramatically outpacing inflation. With the costs of higher education rising so dramatically, its crucial to have a strategy and plan to manage this important goal. Key questions to answer include:

  • Do I want to pay for my children’s / grandchildren’s education?
  • Can I save for college and retirement (or other goals) simultaneously?
  • Is the cost of higher education still worth the price we pay?

At Munn & Morris Financial Advisors, we take pride in understanding each unique situation and offer options to achieve our clients’ goals and priorities. From a college planning perspective, we have years of experience saving, funding, and minimizing out of pocket education costs.

Similarly, we help guide families to find institutions that fit the student’s needs, interests, and capabilities. We share our insights to achieve your specific goals using the right vehicles for you to optimize your success.

Less than 33%** of students complete their undergraduate degrees in four years. Worse, less than 60% graduate in 6 years. By making and keeping an updated plan, we help our clients succeed more quickly and efficiently.

Our efforts include helping families provide a success path for their students – from finding the right school, to earning an appropriate degree in a reasonable time with confidence and gratification.

Contact us today to understand your options and choices.





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